Parks Commission opens cafeteria, gift shop in Botanical Gardens

Stabroek News
December 21, 2002

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The National Parks Commission yesterday opened up a cafeteria and gift shop at the Botanical Gardens and authorities said the investment is designed to ensure self-sustainability for the Guyana Zoo.

The 1,169 square-foot, multi-purpose building stands at the entrance to the zoo. The addition of the new complex will also vastly improve visitor services.

Zoo patrons will now be able to treat themselves to a hot meal, a snack and other culinary delights in the new cafeteria.

Moreover, for those enthusiastic animal lovers, souvenirs can now be purchased in the gift shop. Items such as colouring books, t-shirts, posters and other wildlife and environmental memorabilia will be on sale.

Visitors will also be able to enjoy the improved landscaping surrounding the new building. A neatly designed lounge area features benab-covered tables and a rock pond, allowing patrons to dine in comfort amidst the natural sounds of bird songs. In addition, zoo patrons will notice a new entrance sign welcoming them to the grounds, with the Harpy Eagle mascot in flight above the purpleheart sign.

The architectural planning and design of the building was completed in collaboration with Sean Melville of the University of Guyana. Con-struction was made possible through the dedication of the NPC staff. President Bharrat Jagdeo unveiled the plaque yesterday to open the facility.

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