City Council in massive clean-up campaign

Stabroek News
December 14, 2002

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The city of Georgetown is getting a facelift for the holiday season and beyond.

The Mayor and City Council, with assistance from Central Government has started a massive clean-up campaign in the city.

According to a release from the council yesterday, so far, bridges and rails along Vlissengen Road have been repainted and parapets cut.

Deputy Mayor Robert Williams, in charge of the activity, has put out an alert that the council will soon be towing away derelict vehicles left on parapets.

The targeted area for this exercise is the area bordered by the Seawall to the north, Sussex Street to the South, Sheriff Street to the East and High Street to the West. Persons wishing to report any such vehicles are asked to call 223-9884.

The Deputy Mayor also expressed the councilís anger and disappointment at those persons, particularly promoters, who have pasted up posters or pamphlets on the newly painted surfaces. According to Williams, the council intends to make contact with those responsible and ensure that not only are the offending posters removed but compensation is also paid for any necessary repainting.

The council also plans to meet with businessmen to invite their participation and goodwill in an effort to keep the momentum of the exercise up to, and past the Christmas season.

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