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December 4, 2002

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Beautiful rainforests and savannahs stretching for miles

A rich mix of ethnic cultures

Feeling free as a bird

Cows and sheep grazing by the roadside

Warm tropical climate

Everyone knowing everybody

Easy-going work environment with little pressure

Knowing people who can help you

Living for today

Few cumbersome building Regulations

Traffic police looking the other way

No apparent speed limit

Being able to drink a few and still drive

CN Sharma

Wedding processions tooting their horns on a Sunday afternoon

Letters to the editor

Vendors who bring fish, brooms, fruit - you name it, to your door.

Fresh fruit in the market

Afternoons in the rum shop

Test matches at Bourda

A strongly religious society

Lovely old wooden buildings

Low property rates

Politicians who make you laugh

Sunset-walks on the seawall

The scenic trip to Berbice

Children playing cricket in the street

A people convinced tomorrow will be a brighter day

STRESSED out by gunshots?
WORRIED about stray bullets?
FINDING it hard to get a good night's sleep when living next to a safe house ?
Then you need the AMAZING HIDE-AWAY BED.

Developed especially for Guyanese by leading US scientists, this bed offers all around protection that will have you snoozing like a baby.
Features include:
1.A 3 foot clearance so you can easily scramble under it at the first sound of gun fire.
2. An internal motion detector that will sense if a bandit is hiding under your mattress.
3. A locker for storing midnight snacks in case police raids go on into the wee hours.
4.A built in TV so you can watch the breaking news on CNS 6.
5 Emergency bullet- proof curtains which drop down when the artillery fire gets really intense.
6.A high- capacity potty, so no matter how scared you might be you will never be embarrassed.

Order Today at the special price of $59,999 and we will throw in two children's flak jackets and a Book of Common Prayer ABSOLUTELY FREE!

CALL NOW or visit our website at www. Scared_under_the_bed .com

The young Clive Thomas
Oh the folly of youth! This week the Mirror reprinted a gushing letter it had received from a young Research Fellow Clive Thomas back in 1962 in which he writes: "It is my hope the government will not shy away from the extensive state control over all elements of private enterprise (both foreign and local) that is necessary for successful working of the exchange control system... The imposition of taxes on net properties is very welcome since it is the basic aim of our government to inhibit any rapid private accumulation of wealth at the expense of the working class..."

Quite why the Mirror would republish this letter is hard to fathom. Hopefully not to demonstrate that such policies were right and should be put in place shortly.

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