Men have to recognise role in ending violence against women
- Help and Shelter

Stabroek News
November 26, 2002

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More than ever, men in Guyana have to appreciate that they have a role to play in ending male violence against women.

This was the view of Help and Shelter in a message to mark International Day against Violence against Women which was observed yesterday and which is also the anniversary of the crisis counselling service. The non-governmental group said that “the silence of men who do not condone violence is the consent to the attitudes which perpetuate the tolerance for violence against women”.

While there has been some progress in the way in which the country deals with domestic violence, Help and Shelter said that the Domestic Violence Act remains out of the reach of most of the people who need it, particularly those in the rural areas. It pointed out that since the DVA was passed in 1996, no social workers have been gazetted who could help in the implementation of the act. It noted as a sign of progress that the police had agreed that domestic violence units be established in each division.

Help and Shelter, which was launched on November 25, 1995, says its public education programme continues to share experiences with people from all sections of the community and it thanked the University of Guyana’s women and development class and the Women’s Affairs Bureau for organising a week of activities to send the message `not a minute more’. It also thanked members of the public and the private sector bodies which have supported its efforts.

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