New minimum wage set at $21,047

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November 23, 2002

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Following the announcement of a 5% increase for the majority of public servants the new minimum wage is expected to be $21,047, an increase of $1,002.

This figure, a leading union official said on Thursday, will see those government employees in the minimum bracket taking home about $26 extra per day after taxes are deducted.

This sum, the official said, is totally unacceptable and one the union, apart from rejecting, considers demeaning.

Minimum wage employees are expected to receive around $12,027 in back pay for this year before or after the December 13 statutory deadline.

Colleagues who are currently receiving in the region of $161,000, per month will see their pay increased by some $8,000. Their retroactive payments will be about $70,000.

Meanwhile, a GINA release on Wednesday said Permanent Secretary, Public Service Ministry (PSM) Dr Nanda Gopaul is to meet all public sector employees in the various ministries to explain government's position as regards wages and salaries.

The meetings, according to the release, will be used to explain government's undertakings and to appeal for their understanding and appreciation of the country's position.

The increase, announced on Wednesday by Cabinet Secretary, Dr Roger Luncheon, is being rejected by the Guyana Public Service Union.

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