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November 23, 2002

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Eighteen participants of a three-week course in website design received their certificates yesterday at the Computer Centre of the University of Guyana. The 'Training of Trainers Programme on Web Design and Web Construction' was geared towards lecturers and other staff members of several departments of the University.

Websites developed during the training were on display in the centre. Stabroek News was told that the sites were constructed using HTML (Hyper Text Markup Lan-guage) and are capable of having sound and pictures incorporated into them. Some of the sites were models of a University of Guyana website.

Dr. Mark Kirton, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, said that his faculty is reviewing courses to bring them more in line with developments in technology. He said also that a knowledge-based society requires the use of technological advancements and that this course is intended to make sure that the faculty is well equipped. The Social Science faculty hopes to introduce this course as part of the university's curriculum.

Course lecturer, David Harvey, Professor Emeritus of Ryerson Polytechnic Univer-sity, said that he is pleased with the work that the participants produced in the short time during which the course had been offered.

But he complained of inconsistencies in the software used in the Computer Centre in that some of the computers have HTML version 3 while others have later versions.

He also spoke of the absence of programmes like Adobe Photoshop and peripherals such as scanners. He spoke of the potential benefits to persons with the skills taught in the course, and of the growing demand for these talents.

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