UNDP wants 12 leaders to help fight AIDS

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November 23, 2002

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The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is advertising for applicants to take part in a leadership development project in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

The advertisement, which was carried in newspapers recently, described the programme as an opportunity to enhance leadership competencies to make a difference in Guyana's fight against HIV and AIDS.

According to the advertisement the objective of the programme is to develop local capacities in Guyana for successful planning and implementation of multi-sectoral HIV/AIDS interventions. It consists of five days of training overseas in a regional workshop in mid-January alongside other Caribbean participants, followed by participation in a learning/practical action project in a community in Guyana. "The latter aspect of the programme will be conducted in teamwork with others over a three-month period," the ad said.

The content of the leadership training will focus on emotional intelligence competencies, in particular empathy, social awareness, adaptability, initiative, and mentoring, conflict management, and client relationships.

It was stated that the programme is designed to accommodate eight to ten persons with the demonstrated potential to be highly effective leaders of change. Applicants who are suitably qualified and will dedicate roughly twenty days over the first half of 2003 to the programme are asked to apply before the closing date on December 3.

Prospective applicants must meet the basic criteria which include an excellent command of the English language both written and spoken, experience in a leadership position and/or advocacy functions, demonstrated capacity in leading social movements, and a personal commitment to making a difference in the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

Applicants are reminded to provide addresses and telephone numbers on applications. They must include a few paragraphs about themselves, their involvement in social change movements, their reasons for wanting to participate in the programme and supporting documentation such as a letter of endorsement from a community leader. Applications can be sent to the UNDP office at 42 Brickdam.

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