Standoff continues over Mocha water pump

Stabroek News
November 22, 2002

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The bridge leading to the Mocha pump station, which was damaged on Tuesday by residents, is still preventing engineers from maintaining the water facility.

On Wednesday, Public Relations Officer of the Guyana Water Incorporation (GWI), Audreyanna Thomas had told this newspaper that work would have started on the bridge on Wednesday to allow for a crane to enter the yard to service the water pump. But a check on the bridge yesterday revealed that no work had been done.

A section of the bridge had been badly damaged by irate residents who believe GWI intends to take away their pump donated to the village by Futures Fund some years ago.

GWI's position is that it is only concerned with servicing the pump which is faulty and dismissed the residents' claim, inviting any villager who wished to do so to go to the GWI offices and talk. Yesterday, Emerson Brand-ford a villager said that residents were being vigilant. He said they are still adamant that they would not allow the pump to be removed from the area for servicing. He said maintenance could be done on site and residents are prepared to keep vigil in the pump yard while the engineers carry out their work. GWI says that the maintenance work cannot be done on site.

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