PNCR: Human development will transform country
By Kim Lucas
Stabroek News
November 22, 2002

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The People's National Congress Reform (PNCR) believes that human resource development will be the mechanism for social transformation in Guyana.

The party said that despite the depressed economic climate it is heartening to see so many young persons graduating from the University of Guyana.

At its weekly press conference held at Congress Place yesterday, Reform Leader, Stanley Ming read from a prepared text and congratulated all of the graduands at the recent University of Guyana convocation. He said: "We note that despite the economic and social pressures which our young people face, so many of them have had the will to complete their courses of study and to earn degrees and diplomas." Ming observed that it was unfortunate the new graduates are leaving university at a time when the prospects for jobs and professional growth are so dim.

He said it was instructive to note that the best graduating student and winner of the President's Medal, John Forde had to return from employment out of Guyana to deliver the valedictorian address. Ming told the media that the government had no serious human development plan, no manpower resources development programme and no viable programme for development and investment which was the only proven way of providing job opportunities for qualified young people. (Back to top)

The party listed a number of pointers for human development including the need to ensure that private initiative and entrepreneurship underpin the development thrust of Guyana.

In addition the country's development was fundamentally dependent on access to and the involvement of all human resources. Ming said the enhancement of human capital lies at the heart of the vision articulated in the party's economic programmes. He said reform of the education system has been at the forefront of the political and administrative agenda of the PNCR.

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