Associations begin drawing down on PASO funding
By Michael DaSilva
Stabroek News
November 22, 2002

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Four associations affiliated to the Guyana Olympic Association (GOA) have begun drawing down a G$11M funding made possible by the Pan American Sports Organisation (PASO).

Speaking at a press conference at his chambers yesterday, former Chief Magistrate and GOA president, Juman Yassin, disclosed that his organisation made a request and has been able to secure just over G$11m funding from PASO to prepare athletes from the boxing, weightlifting, athletics and table tennis associations for next year's Pan American Games. "The funding is to help our athletes prepare for next year's Pan American Games and also to help those young athletes who are on the threshold, to be able to develop them so that they can compete not too long from now," Yassin stated.

According to Yassin, the programme was initiated about two months ago and the executive of the four associations have already received cheques from the GOA.

The GOA has in turn requested a response from the associations as to how they intend to train their respective athletes for the Pan American Games. "As a result of that, they have submitted programmes to us and we have had a look at the programmes which have been approved and cheques have been sent to the respective associations," Yassin said.

Former GOA president Rudolph Harper has been appointed GOA's co-ordinator for the programme.

"The former Chief Justice will look and ensure that the programmes are carried out." Yassin said.

According to Yassin, the programmes submitted by the associations, entail lots of benefits for local athletes and coaches since they (athletes and coaches) will be facilitated with supplements and subsistence for travelling and sometimes stipends will be given to the coaches.

The GOA will monitor the programmes and the associations must submit a monthly report on what they have done for the particular month, and based on what they have done and based on their expenditure, more funding will be allocated to them.

Yassin said the funds will be divided equally among the associations.

He also said part of the fund could be used by the associations to send athletes overseas for training.

Meanwhile, the Guyana Amateur Boxing Association will stage a two-night under-16 tournament at the National Gymnasium, beginning tonight at 6.30pm.

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