Man found dead in trench identified as market trader

Stabroek News
November 18, 2002

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A man found floating on Saturday in a canal behind Eastville, Annandale South has been identified as Mark Rutherford, a trader in the Stabroek Market

His bullet-riddled body was wrapped in a multi-coloured hammock from the waist downwards leading to speculation that he had been killed elsewhere and his body taken to the canal and dumped there.

Rutherford, who lived somewhere in South Ruimveldt, was last seen by his relatives on November 4.

A police press release yesterday said that the force is investigating the circumstances surrounding the discovery of the partly decomposed body.

According to the release it appears as if the man sustained gunshot wounds to the right side of the head, right temple and right lower jaw.

The police said based on an initial examination, the deceased may have been killed three to four days ago.

Other than the hammock wrapped around him, the body was also clad in a black t-shirt and three-quarter jeans.

One black purse, one pair Rayban sunshades and a multi-coloured rag were also found in the deceased's pants pockets.

Rutherford bought and sold gold in the Stabroek Market and rode a 70 CC motorcycle. This was confirmed by the man's sister, Rochel, yesterday who said that the police might have been able to identify her brother because they would often pick him and others up for the offence of loitering.

The police release said that burn marks were visible on both arms. The man's sister said that he had sustained the burns some years ago when a person with whom he had a disagreement threw a corrosive substance on him.

According to Rochel her brother has been in the business of buying and selling gold for the past ten years. She said that while her brother was once an occupant of her Meadowbrook home he had since moved out and was living with a friend in South Ruimveldt. She said she last saw the father of two on November 4 speaking with some friends not far from where she lives.

She said that the friend had since visited her home and said he had not seen her brother for the past two weeks. His friends with whom he associated at the Stabroek Market also said he had not been seen at the market for the same period.

The woman said that while her brother had problems with the law in his early years she was unaware that he had any problems recently.

She could not say if her brother had any disagreement with anyone who might want him dead. She said the first intimation she had that something was wrong was when someone showed her a copy of yesterday's Kaieteur News which has the man's dead body on its front page. Rochel said that she immediately recognised her brother's clothing but still was not convinced.

The police subsequently visited her home and requested her brother to visit the Lyken Funeral Home to identify the body. It was then the death of her brother was confirmed.

Other than Rochel and his two children, Rutherford has left six other siblings and his parents, who reside overseas, to mourn his death.

Rutherford's killing follows a number of others where the victims have been shot execution-style.

A death that closely resembles that of Rutherford was that of 24-year-old Alwin Callender of 54 First Street, Alexander Village whose body was found in Melanie Damishana last Tuesday. Callender died as a result of a cardiac arrest after he was shot twice at the back of his neck. Callender was involved in the gold jewellery business.

A senior police officer yesterday said that the recent executions are a worrying trend. (Samantha Alleyne)

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