Armed gang robs Annandale contractor

Stabroek News
November 14, 2002

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Three armed men brutally assaulted and robbed a 62-year-old contractor while he was on his way to work early yesterday morning.

The attack took place just a stone’s throw away from the man’s home at Annandale Sand Reef, East Coast Demerara.

Edmund Solomon told this newspaper that he had just left his home for work at B&K International, when two men armed with choppers and a third, with a gun, accosted him.

“It was about 6:15..6:30.. I heard thumping footsteps behind me. By the time I could turn, I receive a kick in my back and then, two guys came up in pulled out a chopper and started chopping,” the man related.

He said while attempting to ward off the blows from the man with the chopper, another attacker sprayed him in the face with a substance that caused him to feel dazed.

According to the man, some of the residents realised that he was being attacked and rushed from their homes, to his assistance. During that time, he managed to flee.

“The one that kicked me was trying to get into my pocket. He had a gun, but I couldn’t recognise what type of gun it was...I run away and I hear a ‘click, click’ sound like if they pull the trigger, “Solomon explained. In the end, he got away with scratches to his face and arms.

But the thieves managed to snatch $17,000 from Solomon, which he said he was to use to repair his bus which had been out of service for some time. He was planning on changing the battery and tyres so as to make an extra dollar over the Christmas holidays.

“I never feel that this would have happened to me,” the man said. In recent months, several residents of Annandale have reported attacks, mainly by persons from outside the community.

Solomon said he reported the matter to the police at the Vigilance Station, some two villages away. (Kim Lucas)

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