Weapons from safe house used in nine cop murders - police

Stabroek News
November 14, 2002

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The large cache of arms and ammunition found on October 28 in a Lamaha Gardens safe house was used in the murder of at least nine police officers, according to the police.

A release from the Police Public Relations Department on Tuesday said:

“Ballistics and fingerprint examinations have since revealed that the cluster of firearms that was discovered was used in at least 83 incidents of murder, attempted murder, kidnappings, shootings and robberies. The fingerprints of Dale Moore, who died the said day, and Andrew Douglas, who died on August 26, last, were identified at a number of scenes of crimes.”

According to the statement, the weapons seized were used in 34 murders, including at least nine murders committed on policemen; 30 robberies, 12 shooting incidents, four attempted murder/robberies and three kidnappings.

“Additionally, the M-70 assault rifle, which is one of the firearms in the cache, was discovered to be used at 17 scenes of crimes so far.”

The police said Moore, who together with Douglas, Troy Dick, Shawn Brown and Mark Fraser escaped from the Georgetown jail on February 23, was identified by fingerprint examination at 18 scenes of crime, including murder, hijackings, kidnappings and robberies. They said investigations have also revealed that Douglas was involved in at least eight incidents of hijacking and robberies, so far.

The force said it is continuing these ballistics and fingerprint examinations in order to ascertain the extent to which these firearms were used.

“Other aspects of the investigations are continuing, but we are not now in the position to make further disclosures.”

Moore and Fraser were killed in separate incidents on October 28. The other two surviving escapees are still at large.

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