Elections Commission looks to correct ID card errors
Continuous registration in the works

Stabroek News
November 11, 2002

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The Guyana Elections Commission expects to appoint an information technology manager shortly and so be in a position to correct national identification cards on which personal details were entered inaccurately.

The information technology department was sealed on the eve of the March 19, 2001 general elections and the absence of an information technology manager has prevented the department being unsealed.

Chairman of the Elections Commission, Dr Steve Surujbally told Stabroek News those steps to advance the Commission's preparations could still be undertaken while the political directorate determines the reforms to be made for local government elections.

He said the Commission would also be advertising shortly for a systems analyst and a number of other positions. He said legislation to provide for continuous registration is also to be drafted and presented in parliament by the government.

Meanwhile the Commission is near to finalising a project with the United Nations Development Programme to generate confidence in the electoral list through public education programmes and other initiatives.

Local government elections were last held in March 1994.

A joint task force with representation from the PPP/C and the PNCR was appointed last year to recommend the changes that should have been made but that committee is yet to present its report even though it continued to meet after the PNCR had suspended the dialogue process that gave it life.

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