Nineteen shot to death in last 11 days
One man burnt alive

Stabroek News
November 7, 2002

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In what must be one of the bloodiest episodes in Guyana's history, 20 persons have been killed in violent incidents in the last eleven days.

Add to that the two children who died at the South Dakota Circuit during a race meet in memory of another person who was slain by gunmen, Gavin Naraine. October 28: Bloody Monday:

A look back at the last week and a half starts with October 28 [ please note: links provided by LOSP web site ] when eight persons met violent ends, seven of these were gunned down in separate shooting incidents and one was burnt alive in a car at Buxton. Among the dead were Mash Day escapees Dale Moore and Mark Fraser. Moore and another man Terrence McPherson died in a confrontation with the police at Lamaha Gardens, while another Michael Singh was found with gunshot wounds in Le Repentir Cemetery.

Hours later Fraser and Lancelot Roach were killed by unknown persons while travelling through Annandale. Businessman Franklyn Solomon was also shot and killed when gunmen tried to hijack his car. And later, while police were still sweeping the Lamaha Gardens area Delon Nelson was killed by the police after he reportedly threw a grenade at them. All of these killings took place between 3:30 am - 10:30 am on that bloody Monday. And as if that was not enough, in the evening Wayne Bristol was burnt to death by Buxtonians in his car at the Church of God Road, Buxton.

October 29: A day later at Paradise, East Coast Demerara wanted man Melroy Goodman was fatally shot by police officers. Bystander Ramdyal Dasai was fatally struck by a stray bullet while mending his bicycle tyre. There were no killings on October 30, but on that day a farmer Motilall was kidnapped by a group of teenagers while on his farm at the back of Buxton. A $20M ransom was demanded.

October 30: The next day Motilall's body was found dumped in the Annandale/Buxton trench with gunshot wounds in the area of his left ear and jaw.

In the evening Junior Berry of Lot 141 Eccles, East Bank Demerara was shot by a man who walked up to him, pointed a gun at his chest and fired about four bullets while he was conversing with someone at his employer's premises at McDoom also on the East Bank.

November 3: A day which should have seen motor racing enthusiasts get away from the violence and enjoy an outing to the South Dakota circuit ended in the tragic deaths of two young children. Six and three years old Dyna and Ashton De Souza died instantly when a race car slammed into the minibus they were sitting in.

November 4: The violence resumed with a vengeance paying no heed to the Hindu festival of Deepavali. At shoot-out in the evening at the corner of Robb and Light streets resulted in the deaths of Othneil Embrack, Andrew Mc Pherson, Oliver Springer, a man known as `Buckman' and Derrick Torrington. Kevin Marks called `Plain Clothes' was shot and killed by a businessman when he and four other attacked the businessman's Middle Road La Penitence home.

November 5: Police carried out an operation at Lot 17/17 Wortmanville and when it was finished 54-year-old Dorothy Williams and wanted man Adrian Greene, who was named among 12 in a police bulletin the day before, were dead.

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