Two killed in Monday's shoot-outs identified
One a US citizen

Stabroek News
October 31, 2002

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Two of the three unidentified men killed in Monday's shoot-outs have now been positively identified.

The dead men are Michael Singh, 28, a US citizen whose body was found in the Le Repentir cemetery and Delon Nelson, 27, of Lyng Street, Charlestown who was shot by police a few hours later at a house in Section M, Campbellville.

The third man who was shot dead as he attempted to emerge from under a bridge in Lamaha Gardens has not yet been identified.

Efforts according to the police, are still being made to determine his identity. According to reports, Singh was identified by his father who was said to be unaware his son was even in the country.

The last time he had seen Singh, who had left Guyana as a teenager in 1981, was last year when he had returned on a visit.

It was to his complete surprise that his son's body was found lying on a road in the cemetery with a bullet wound to the back of his head. How he came to be shot is unclear.

Meanwhile, police are said to be continuing investigations into the shootings and are presently undertaking, among other things, ballistics tests to determine when and if the weapons found at the Lamaha Garden's residence had been used in the current crime spree. Of particular interest to the force is the fact that no AK-47 assault rifles were found at the house. Eyewitnesses to several robberies over the last eight months have reported that the bandits were usually armed with AK-47s.

The diverse range of weapons found was also indicative of opportunistic collection rather than a distinct shipment of guns of the same type. The discovery of over 3,000 rounds of ammunition however raises the question of where such a large quantity could be obtained.