250 youths awarded for outstanding achievements

Stabroek News
October 31, 2002

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As part of its 4th anniversary celebrations, the President's Youth Award: Republic of Guyana (PYARG), in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport recently presented 250 youths from across the country with awards for their outstanding performance towards self-development.

The non-political PYARG deals with youth development. There is no competition and participation is voluntary. The programme focuses on achievements and teamwork. Youths are required to undertake activities in four areas, namely service, expedition, skills and recreation, to be carried out in their own time.

Minister Gail Teixeira, in her address highlighted the 'shoestring' budget under which the programme was operating, including the training of unit leaders and expeditions.

Certificates of recognition were awarded to the Diplomatic Corps and sections of the private sector for their contributions toward the success of the programme. The minister also noted that the PYARG has a magazine "Trail Talk" with a second edition already published.

The three levels of awards given out were: bronze (six-month participation), silver (twelve months) and gold (eighteen months). The British High Commission made a donation of twelve compasses while the Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO) donated the six plaques that were given to the most outstanding youths.

The programme operates in all ten regions of Guyana and involves approximately 900 participants.