Medical items found in safe house suggest involvement of practitioner

Stabroek News
October 30, 2002

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Among the items found in the Lamaha Gardens house where February 23 escapee Dale Moore and others were hiding out was a full range of drugs and surgical items indicating that the gunmen were being assisted or advised by medical practitioners.

Police searched the residence after fatally shooting Moore and another yet unidentified man in the early hours of Monday morning. Along with arms and ammunition, they discovered a stash of medical supplies including gauze, intravenous drips, needles, various injectable medicines and anti-fungal and other drugs.

The find was similar to that at a North Ruimveldt residence searched by police several months ago.

On that occasion indications were that Dale Moore might have been injured in a robbery at the home of the owner of Patsan's.

There have been other reports that other escapees and criminals may have been injured in clashes with the police.

Police had previously mentioned that the escapees were receiving medical attention from some source.

The stash found yesterday suggested they had the capacity to treat themselves, possibly with the aid of a person or persons with medical knowledge. The find also indicated the level of organisation and planning that went into their operations. (Back to top)

Safe house rented in early October
Wanted fugitives Dale Moore and Mark Fraser who were killed in shoot-outs on Monday were residents in the Lamaha Gardens safe house for the last three weeks.

According to reports the men had been invited to the house by an occupant who had rented the premises.

Meanwhile as police remained silent on the identity of three of the victims of Monday's shooting spree, the body of the male discovered in the Le Repentir cemetery is believed to be that of a foreign national.

His identity continued to baffle police yesterday although reports in other sections of the media have suggested that he is from an East Coast Demerara community.

Sources also told this newspaper that there was no ransom demanded for Nandalall. No money was found at the premises among the items police showcased on Monday nor was any said to have been found on Moore or Fraser when they were killed.

At the Section M Campbellville premises where police said they had shot another unidentified man, an occupant told this newspaper that the owner lives overseas.

The person was however not able to shed any light on the events of the previous day.

Meanwhile Police Public Relations Officer, Assistant Superintendent, David Ramnarine acknowledged that Lancelot Roach, the man who was discovered in the green Toyota Sprinter with Fraser, was the son of a senior officer who works in the police communications department.

But Ramnarine said it was not possible for their communication system to be compromised since they do not contract out such services. Areas which concern sensitive materials especially that of information are not contracted out to private individuals, he said. Accord-ing to Ramnarine, such works are only contracted to reputable companies and only after it is discussed at the highest level of the force.