What happened where, when and how
A timeline of yesterday's events

Stabroek News
October 29, 2002

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3:00 am: Kidnapped businessman Bramhanand Nandalall reportedly escapes from house in Lamaha Gardens.

3:30 am: Members of a police unit report on radio that they are under gunfire from a car in the Bel Air/Lamaha Gardens area and call for tactical support.

Ranks return fire and eventually discover a body later identified as Dale Moore. Further operations conducted and the body of another person unidentified by the police found in the general area.

Subsequently a search is conducted in the building that the men were reportedly occupying and from which they attempted to exit. A substantial arsenal of arms and ammunition discovered.

6:00 am: Police receive reports of person found dead in Le Repentir cemetery wearing a bulletproof vest. Unidentified up to press time.

7:00 am: A shoot-out on Annandale Public Road leaves three dead. Police report that two cars approaching each other one green and one white, engage in gunfire. Two men in green car killed are prison escapee Mark Fraser and Lancelot Roach owner of a communication equipment business in a city market- Lance Wireless Connection. Police find on Roach a .22 pistol and on Fraser a M.35 pistol.

Former policeman Frank Solomon apparently shot in failed attempt by gunmen to hijack his car. Woman passenger injured.

8:15am: Police discover a 9 mm pistol and a hand grenade at Oleander Gardens suspected to have been dropped or deposited by one of two men who were seen hurrying out of the city heading for the East Coast.

Police also storm a house in Bonasika Street, Campbellville. Twelve channa bombs found, a motor car, receipt for another motorcar, four live rounds of ammunition.

10:30am: Police in continuing sweep enter a targeted house in Section M Campbellville and are met by a person who throws a grenade at them. They retaliate and the person is killed.

Also on Saturday October 25 at 6 am police, based on intelligence reports arrested a suspicious looking man at the New Amsterdam ferry stelling. A search turned up one SN rifle later discovered to belong to slain Constable Pardat who was shot at Rose Hall in August. Also found was a Smith and Wesson 9mm pistol, 38 rounds of 7.62 ammunition and nine rounds of 9mm ammunition.

The suspect is a 22-year-old man from Buxton. Police say he is currently under investigation in relation to his possible involvement in other activities including the murder of two policemen in Berbice.