PNCR comments on crime communique

Stabroek News
October 29, 2002

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The Social Partners plan to speak again with the PNCR following the receipt of its comments on the draft of the joint communiqué on crime that it wants the parliamentary parties to sign.

The Social Partners met with the PNCR on Wednesday to discuss the draft but the party asked for time to study the document as most of its representatives only received it at the meeting.

The PNCR sent its comments to the Social Partners on Friday. Stabroek News understands that the Social Partners are considering the comments and could meet again with the PNC/R as early as today.

The Social Partners launched their special initiative on crime in response to the wave of criminal activity that has engulfed the country. The initiative was based on proposals for addressing the situation drawn up by former Chiefs of Staff of the Guyana Defence Force, Majors General Norman McLean and Joe Singh and Commissioner of Police, Laurie Lewis and discussed with the parties.

Once the communiqué is agreed, the Social Partners intend to convene a meeting at which their representatives will sign it. President Bharrat Jagdeo and Leader of the Opposition Desmond Hoyte will sign in their constitutional capacities.