Four released in connection with post office stickup
Bandits escaped with $500,000 booty
Stabroek News
October 19, 2002

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The four men held in connection with a robbery at the Bourda Post Office on Tuesday have been released on station bail.

Two gunmen entered the post office on Tuesday morning and after ordering the customers and employees to lie on the floor escaped with a large amount of cash and other items.

The men also fired a shot in the building and the bullet lodged in a wall of the post office.

Assistant Postmaster General, Leon Dickson yesterday told Stabroek News that the men escaped with over half a million dollars in stamps, phone cards, lotto scratch tickets and cash.

He said after firing the shot in the air one of the men jumped over the counter and began to stuff money and other items in a bag he had on his back. He said two employees attempted to escape through a side door but were turned back by a third bandit who was outside and who had pushed in the front doors to prevent persons from observing the robbery. The men then escaped through the side door and Dickson said from reports they escaped along Orange Walk.

Stabroek News was originally told the men had escaped in the direction of Light Street.

Just a few minutes before the robbery a Rainbow Taxi Service Car was hijacked on South Road by four men, who fired a shot at the car and ordered the driver out. It is believed the two incidents are linked.

The car was later found abandoned in Princes Street and residents say four men, one of whom was carrying a backpack, came out of the vehicle and caught a bus.