Businessman detained over Palm Court shooting By Patrick Denny
Stabroek News
October 10, 2002

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Prominent city businessman Paul Fraser was yesterday detained on an allegation that he attempted to murder another man a week ago during a shooting incident at the Palm Court Bar on Main Street, Georgetown.

The other man in question, Chindanan Persaud called `Chillo', was shot last week Wednesday night after he (Persaud) had allegedly shot the Managing Director of Palm Court, Jad Rahaman.

According to reports, Persaud had visited the Main Street bar that night and had a few beers with some of his friends.

One patron said that while drinking, Persaud began using a series of expletives. Persaud and his friends, the eyewitness said, also started to verbally abuse Rahaman and his staff. Rahaman intervened and cautioned the men about their behaviour and was later seen escorting Persaud out of the bar. It was alleged that Persaud then drew a gun. Rahaman was subsequently shot and dropped to the ground.

Persaud was reportedly shot by someone who came to Rahaman's aid. Rahaman and Persaud were then rushed to separate city hospitals.

Sources told this newspaper that the police visited the home of Fraser's father looking for the man yesterday. Fraser and his lawyer subsequently turned up at the Brickdam Police Station and the businessman was detained.

Stabroek News was unable to ascertain whether the other man alleged to be responsible for shooting Rahaman has been charged.