O' Brien charges bodybuilders to be catalyst for growth By Michael DaSilva
Stabroek News
October 10, 2002

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General Secretary of the Guyana Amateur Bodybuilding Federation Donald Sinclair has lauded the media for the support they have given to the Guyana Amateur Bodybuilding Federation (GABBF).

Sinclair made the remarks at an appreciation ceremony to honour three bodybuilders who excelled at the Central American and Caribbean bodybuilding championhsips in Venezuela recently.

Sinclair, who chaired the proceedings used the opportunity to highlight some of the Federation's achievements among which were the election of Yale Holder to the vice-presidency of the Southern Caribbean Region of the CAC and the induction of Frank Tucker as an official representative and an IFBB Judge for the local Federation and all International and Continental championships.

President of the GABBF, Holder, who as team manager and leader took part in the CAC congress said judging was an area in which the Federation has been badly lacking. "The Federation has been working very hard in terms of increasing the number of International judges we have." Holder said in his short address.

Holder said when the 2001 gold medalist Horace Steele decided to take a rest from the sport, the Federation wondered which other bodybuilder was likely to take over the mantle. "But, as the saying goes, good things come in small packages and we are very happy that Sylvon Gardner took over that mantle from Horace Steele and brought home the gold medal." Holder declared.

Holder suggested that Guyana has another gold medal in the making in Nichols, who many of the judges identified as having the potential to become a champion, possibly at the next championships.

Holder said CAC 2002 has been significant because it is the first time that Guyana has managed to get on the executive level of the CAC.

"So that we, as a small country, can have a voice in the movement and progress of international bodybuilding in the Region. That's another significant first for Guyana." Holder proudly stated.

General Secretary of the Guyana Olympic Association (GOA), Ivor O'Brien, said his association is on board with the GABBF in hosting the 2004 championships and they are also encouraging their affiliates to work along with the GABBF to make the championships a success.

O'Brien noted that when there is a championships with the magnitude of the CAC, there are never enough persons to come on board. He advised the GABBF executive and members to work harder.

O'Brien also congratulated the GABBF and the three bodybuilders.

He lauded the Federation creating an environment for the bodybuilders to perform to their maximum and for Holder's election on Region's executive.

"These developments, I'm sure, will lead to the type of support needed for the successful organising of the 2004 championships." O'Brien stated.

O'Brien said he hoped that the success of the trio could prove a catalyst for other bodybuilders.

"If we're going to host a Caribbean championships, we've got to be winning." the veteran sports administrator stated, adding "very few countries host tournaments and end up in the cellar. So the victory at the CAC Games should not be seen as one to sit on your laurels. That is creating a situation whereby you must continue to perform." A moment of silence was observed for the late Claude Charles who Holder described as the father of the sport, in particular, weight lifting and power lifting.

Gardner, Nichols and Thom were presented with gifts in appreciation of their outstanding performance. The presentations to the three athletes were done by Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport Gail Teixeira and GABBF representatives Jay Small, Rosanna Narine and Gail Russell.

Holder presented Sinclair with the President's Medal of Achievement for his contribution to the sport, while Holder received from Sinclair, a gift for being elected to the vice-presidency of the Southern Caribbean Region of CAC.

Holder said the CAC's outgoing president recommended that the 2004 championships which will be staged in Guyana, be held in Charles' name and the GABBF is taking the recommendation on board.