Business sentiment remains low
-Private Sector Commission economist
Stabroek News
October 8, 2002

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The second survey by the Private Sector Commission's Economic Policy Unit revealed that businessmen believe economic conditions will get worse before they get better.

Respondents to the latest monthly poll of businesspersons and professionals overwhelmingly believe that economic conditions are worse now than they were six months ago. When asked what accounted for the deterioration in the climate virtually every return indicated that there is a great concern over the high incidence of crime and/or political instability, a press release from the PSC reported.

Perceptions for the future are slightly more optimistic as regards the overall economic outlook, but the major proportion of respondents expressed a belief that conditions would deteriorate further.

When asked what industries would show the greatest improvement over the next decade, respondents listed private security as one of their choices.

The unit's Chief Economist, Don McIver said in the release that a similar survey is to be conducted each month. He added that the latest results are consistent with those from a month earlier and he urged businessmen to participate in the surveys as the information garnered could serve as an early warning of negative and positive developments. Those businessmen not already participating can contact the unit at 225-5343 to be placed on the mailing list.