Youth gangs robbing commuters at big market
Stabroek News
October 6, 2002

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Groups of youths, some armed with sharpened screwdrivers, are reported to be assaulting commuters in the Stabroek Market area early in the morning.

This new trend of criminal activity sees youths in groups of three or five assaulting minibus passengers from the West Coast of Demerara when they disembark at the No 32 bus park in front of Stabroek Market at around 5:30a.m.

According to a victim of these attacks, the young men, who appear to be in their early twenties, are armed with knives and sharpened screwdrivers and rob persons of their valuables in plain view of some vendors and others who frequent the Stabroek area. The witness, who elected not to be named, told this newspaper that he had been robbed twice. On the first occasion three weeks ago, the robbers had taken his watch and some money, and had torn his shirt.

Contacted yesterday, Police Public Relations Officer, Assistant Superintendent David Ramnarine, urged those who are being targeted to visit the nearby Brickdam Police Station where reports could be made.

He promised to alert authorities about the reports.