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September 29, 2002

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Gavin Narine top Motor Racer and Sports Enthusiast was brutally murdered on Wednesday evening in Georgetown. Gavin was a member of the Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club (GMR & SC) for sixteen years. He reached the helm of the club when he served as Club captain for many years. This great achiever was innocently killed by criminals, and among the thousands of fans who will no longer see him are his immediate family particularly his loving wife ad dear daughter. In 1985 Gavin commenced his racing career with a Ford Escort Car competing in the Group I category. From 1987 to 1993 he dominated the Group One (1) category while driving a Toyota Corolla.

Gavin Narine acquired a Mazda RX7 and moved up to the Group 2A category in 1994 when he won the "Best Driver Award." The same year he represented Guyana in Barbados.

The marvelous speedster, Gavin Narine won the "Champion Driver Award" in November 1995 and May 1996 when he competed in the Group 2A and 3 categories. He also represented Guyana in Trinidad and Tobago in 1995.

The splendid driver, Gavin Narine in 1997 captured nine (9) wins and won the Champion Driver Award at the November race meeting. He was named the 'Driver of the year' and was nominated for the National 'Sports Man of the year' award.

In 1998 he again won the Champion Driver Award at the April Race Meeting and went on to represent Guyana in Jamaica.

Gavin represented Guyana in Trinidad and Tobago in November 1999.

Gavin Narine will forever be remembered at the South Dakota Circuit at Timehri for only last year, he thrilled thousands with his master driving. He received the 'Champion Driver Award' after the February and September Race Meetings. Gavin Narine was declared 'Champion Driver 2001 with 82 points at the International Race Meeting held last November.

Gavin Narine was a highly discipline sportsman. His aim in Motor Racing was to dominate Group 3 category by working towards improving his driving skills and machine performance. His good intentions were clear, he wanted to contribute towards the promotion of Motor Racing in Guyana. He was a committed club member and he was working with the club towards making the sport more appealing to new competitors by providing racing information training and sharing of knowledge and experience.

Oh! It is sad, no longer we will read in our Newspapers captions such as 'Gavin Narine returns to the fast lane' 'Gavin Narine makes overseas debut; 'Gavin Narine, Kevin Graham Champion Driver, rider at C\GAC International Meet' 'Watch out for Gavin Narine in his Mazda RX3' 'Narine secures hat-tricks of wins' 'Narine blazes his way to five victories' 'Gavin Narine crowned Champion Driver.'

Gavin Narine was brutally murdered and this nation is in mourning. At this sad moment all Guyana must live and work together so that we must live in peace and harmony.

This country must be governable and there must be full respect for all. Guyanese must dedicate and give their un-flinching support to fight crime and all criminals. Thousands will remember the excitement and togetherness Gavin brought to us. Let us in one voice pledge to let sports unite us. To the thousand of fans, friends, immediate family members, particularly his loving wife and dear daughter, our hearts are together. God is standing by!