Police clarify Albouystown shooting
Stabroek News
September 24, 2002

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Police yesterday sought to clarify the events leading up to the shooting to death of Albouystown resident, Dexter Dubisette on Saturday by ranks of the Target Special Squad (TSS).

Dubisette, 37, also called `Deke' of 154 Non Pariel St, Albouystown, a police release said, was fired upon by ranks after he pulled an object from his crotch as he turned to face them.

According to the release, his suspicious actions occurred when they called out to him after he had departed from a group of men in whose company it was said he had been prior to their arrival.

However witnesses in the area continue to dispute this fact and say Dubisette was in the company of one male at the time he was shot.

The police press release on Saturday, just an hour after the 11:45 am shooting, said " Police are investigating the circumstances of a shooting incident in which a man was fatally shot about 1200 hrs, today in Albouystown, during an encounter with members of the force. One (1) 9mm Browning Pistol with four (4) live rounds was found in his possession. " It further stated: "We are trying to ascertain information pertaining to the identity of the deceased who is known as `Deke'."

Yesterday's release said the investigation revealed that "the police patrol saw a group of men at La Penitence and James streets, Albouystown and decided to conduct searches, based on our observations that persons commute in the city and other areas, armed with guns and knives. The deceased, who was part of this group, suddenly moved away."

According to witnesses, including several children, there was no group of men with whom Dubisette was standing; rather he was proceeding south along La Penitence Street when he was called by police ranks who approached from a northerly direction in a van.

The press release said: "The police called out to him. He turned back and pulled an object from his crotch, which turned out to be a 9mm Browning pistol and pointed it in the direction of the ranks.

"The police on seeing this, fired two rounds one of which struck him under his right armpit and he fell to the ground. A search revealed the pistol and four rounds on his person."

On Saturday residents had acknowledged that a certain named rank had instructed the two men to approach them when Dubisette with his arms raised was shot as he neared them.

However, they claimed that no search was carried out of the shot man but rather he was immediately dragged to the police vehicle and thrown into the back before it sped off. The release confirmed that the deceased was taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Contacted by Stabroek News yesterday, Police Public Relations Officer, Assistant Superintendent David Ramnarine, confirmed that checks are ongoing including ballistic examinations to determine when was the last time the weapon found in Dubisette's possession had been fired.

Efforts to determine the origins of the weapon including checking its serial numbers were also said to be ongoing.

However, Ramnarine cautioned that in instances where such weapons are found, especially illegally in a person's possession, their serial numbers have in most cases already been erased.

Neither release said whether Dubisette was wanted for any crime that the police were currently investigating.