Albouystown double homicide

Victims knew their killers, says relative
Stabroek News
September 21, 2002

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Even as investigations continue into Thursday night’s double homicide in Albouystown, indications from some quarters are that the motive may have been more than simple robbery.

But this version is being strongly refuted by relatives of Tony Evans, who say the shooting was nothing more than robbery “plain and simple” by persons known to the deceased.

Evans, 37, called ‘Buns I’ of 55 Orealla Avenue, South Ruimveldt Gardens and Michael Allen, 20, of 212 Charlotte Street were gunned down in the South Georgetown neighbourhood.

Another man, identified only as Ronald aka ‘Pukin’, of Meadow Brook Gardens was admitted to the George-town Public Hospital(GPHC) nursing gunshot wounds to both legs.

He was in a stable condition up to yesterday.

Speaking with Stabroek News a day after the shooting, a relative of Evans recalled being with him and other men shortly before the deadly attack but left to make a purchase at a nearby shop.

It was while he was doing so that he heard the burst of gunfire and he ran to look.

As he neared James and Hunter streets, he noticed others from the group he had

been with scurrying from the corner where he had left Evans and the others seated.

As persons hurriedly fled the scene it was clearly visible that two men armed with handguns were firing repeatedly at Evans and Allen who were by this time sprawled on the pavement. One of the men upon seeing the relative approaching began firing shots at him forcing him to dash for cover.

Once the shooting was over the men hurriedly removed their victims’ jewellery and cash before departing south along Hunter Street towards Punt Trench Dam.

The bullet-riddled bodies of Evans and Allen along with the injured ‘Pukin’ were rushed to the hospital in a minibus. Evans and Allen were pronounced dead on arrival.

A female acquaintance of Evans was at a loss to determine a reason for his brutal murder. According to the woman, information she had received indicated that even after receiving several shots about the body, Evans still attempted to raise himself from the pavement but was repeatedly shot by his assailants whose intention it seemed was to ensure that he died.

She was at pains to state that the perpetrators were known to Evans and were merely envious.

‘Tony’ she remarked, had no enemies, at least not known to her, since he was always known to be a person who did not mix.

Evans and Allen were said to have received multiple gunshot wounds including shots to their heads.

Meanwhile, three men were reportedly arrested during a police operation in Albouystown yesterday. However, the detentions were not said to be in connection with the murder of the two men. Police Public Relations Officer, Assistant Superintendent David Ramnarine, told this newspaper that the force was continuing its investigations and he said the police have information on possible suspects in the killings.