Taxi driver found dead at Ogle
Car missing, hijacking suspected
Stabroek News
September 13, 2002

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The body of a taxi driver was found dumped on the Embankment Road at Ogle, East Coast Demerara early yesterday morning.

The body was identified as 24-year-old, Johniel Wilson called `ATN' or `Shane' of Linden, whose Green Marino car PHH 1897 is missing and presumed hijacked.

Reports suggest that Wilson, who operated from Demico House, was hired by some men late on Wednesday night. Since he was not seen after this, it is presumed that the vehicle may have been hijacked and commandeered to East Coast Demerara. It is believed that a struggle ensued during which Wilson was shot and his body dumped from the car in the vicinity of Ogle.

The wound on Wilson's body, according to a source, gave the indication that he may have been shot at close range in the left side of his face close to his nose with the bullet exiting the back of his head. A police press release said that Wilson's body was discovered at about 1:40 am yesterday. Police are investigating the matter.

The release said the body bore "what appears to be gunshot wounds to the left side of the face and the back of the head." Wilson was last seen by other taxi drivers on Wednesday and they were shocked to hear of his death.

Some city taxi drivers told Stabroek News yesterday that they were afraid especially following the recent incident in which a bandit was killed by a taxi driver.

That shooting they said, made them more vulnerable to deadly attacks since intended hijackers would resort to killing them.