Magistrate writes to 'Top Cop' about 'contract on her life'
Stabroek News
September 12, 2002

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Chief Magistrate (ag) Juliet Holder-Allen has informed acting Commissioner of Police, Floyd McDonald that she has been told by a policeman about a contract on her life.

In a letter to the commissioner on Tuesday, Holder-Allen said that she was informed by a police sergeant who requested an audience with her that he had just received information that a certain group had put a price on her head.

Sources told Stabroek News yesterday that the officer in question has since been charged departmentally with breaching police regulations which require him to inform his commander before informing the chief magistrate.

Stabroek News has been unable to contact McDonald to ascertain what action was being taken on the letter apart from the departmental charge laid against the sergeant.

The letter has been copied to the US ambassador to Guyana, the British and Canadian high commissioners, the chancellor of the judiciary, the chief justice and the Guyana Defence Force chief of staff.

The chief magistrate said that the officer also informed her "that these persons have been following me around all the time and had even followed me all the way to Linden."

She said that at her request the police officer repeated what he had told her to attorney-at-law Basil Williams who was in court at the time.

Holder's letter said that she has "been receiving a number of threats to my life, but this situation is by far the most serious development.

"Calls have been made to my mother informing her that I had been shot and killed. Needless to say my mother has taken ill and been in bed since then. Other relatives have received calls threatening to burn my car, and threatening injury to myself, and family."