Market closing times being strictly observed because of crime wave
Stabroek News
September 6, 2002

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Rules relating to the opening and closing times of municipal markets are being strictly applied as fears continue to mount over possible bandit attacks.

Stabroek News understands that from Monday, stallholders of Bourda market were ordered to close by 4 p.m.

These orders, made by the Mayor and City Council are being strictly enforced by members of the City Constabulary who patrol the premises.

Contacted on the development yesterday, Deputy Mayor, Robert Williams said that the regulations were nothing new since notices to this effect have been posted at strategic locations in the market.

Daily at 3:30 p.m. a bell is sounded in the market indicating that stalls be prepared for closure. He said this had mostly been observed in the breach.

Stabroek News understands that the strict application of the regulations had caught some stallholders unaware and they had to be spoken to by members of the constabulary.

Meanwhile, stallholders have spoken of seeing a group of suspicious looking, neatly dressed men lingering in the vicinity of certain stalls.

According to a source, the men seem to be surveying certain jewellery establishments. These were closed yesterday.

The menís actions, according to some stallholders, are a cause for concern especially with the current crime wave.

In recent times suspicions have been aroused at some municipal markets over loiterers.

The presence of several suspicious-looking men at the La Penitence market on Monday caused a stir leading to stallholders taking preventative measures to protect themselves.