Mackenzie High School cops CXC top ten for Linden By Cathy Wilson
Stabroek News
September 1, 2002

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The top ten students who wrote the 2002 CXC examinations in Linden all hailed from the leading school in the community - the Mackenzie High School. The ten passed nine subjects each.

Headmistress of the school, Janice Gibson, told Stabroek News that the excellent performance of the students this year was credited to the commitment of individual teachers who worked with each class according to the timetable. "All of my teachers had a vested interest in each child who wrote CXC this year. At no time was any of the classes left without a teacher and they made sure that they kept up with the syllabus as per timetable," the elated head teacher said.

Mackenzie High School offered a total of 22 this year out of which nine subjects recorded 100% passes. Social studies recorded the most grade ones - 16. The school's deputy headmistress, Cheryl McDonald, noted that there was a notable improvement in Geography, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. After more than five years, the school recorded a grade one in Geography. This achievement was credited to the subject teacher who was successful in devising a method in making the subject interesting to the students.

Name of Subject   Year 2000   Year 2001    Year 2002
Geography             49               69                 97
Biology                  25               76                 93
Chemistry              28               71                100
Physics                  15               64                 83

The table above shows the marked improvement in the four subject areas over a three-year period.
Mackenzie High School recorded 98% passes of the total number of students who wrote the exams this year. However, there has been a significant improvement in the number of grade ones achieved over the past three years. See table below.

Academic Year     2000      2001   2002
No. Grade ones      28           61       66

Academic Year
There has also been 100% passes in six subject areas - agriculture science, chemistry, home management, food and nutrition, integrated science, principles of accounts, social studies and office procedures. Home management was introduced to the school for the first time in the 2001-2002 academic year and three grade ones were recorded.