Water utility cites low voltage for its reduced service
Stabroek News
August 31, 2002

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The Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) says that unstable electricity in various parts of the country is affecting the supply of water to its customers.

According to a GWI release yesterday, the agency's "pump station at Melanie along with the water treatment plants at Friendship and Rose Hall have suffered tremendously from low voltage that has affected the regular service to customers." The low voltage, GWI stated, is causing extensive damage to control panels at pump stations and treatment plants across the country, and while customers might be receiving electricity in their homes, it still takes the required voltage to operate the pumps.

The affected areas are those serviced by the Rose Hall Water Treatment Plant and includes villages between Fyrish and Whim in Berbice, while on the East Coast of Demerara the affected areas are Friendship, Buxton, Annandale, Straths-pey, Coldingen, Non Pariel, Enterprise, Melanie, Bachelor's Adventure, Paradise, Foulis, Enmore, Haslington, Nabaclis and Victoria.

The GWI stressed that its operations are centred upon a regular and stable supply of electricity, so when the power supply becomes irregular and unstable, the water utility is then unable to provide the level of service which customers are accustomed to receiving.

The water company, the release added, is hoping that the recent power fluctuations will be rectified as soon as possible so that water supply can be restored to normalcy.