Escapee Douglas died of haemorrhage, shock
Stabroek News
August 30, 2002

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A post-mortem examination on notorious escapee Andrew Douglas disclosed that he died of shock and hemorrhage, consistent with the multiple gunshot wounds he sustained.

Douglas, who was on the run with a band of four other men since the February 23 jailbreak from the Camp Street penitentiary, was found dead in a hijacked car on Monday morning. Persons witnessed the occupants of the same car in a shootout on Sheriff Street, in the wee hours of the morning.

One theory was that Douglas was injured during the shootout and had to be finished off by his accomplices.

His televised death announcement yesterday stated that he was the "beloved friend" of Shawn, Mark, Troy and Dale - all of whom bear the first names of the other four escapees. Douglas is to be buried today.

Police putting special arrangementsin place

The Guyana Police Force says it will be putting in place special arrangements in Georgetown and on the East Coast of Demerara as a result of the funeral of escapee Andrew Douglas today, and a police presence will be evident in the Buxton public road area.

"In this regard, commuters are hereby advised to exercise caution while commuting along Buxton public road, East Coast Demerara, between 13:30 hrs and 20:30 hrs," a Police Headquarters release said.

The Force also said it regretted any inconveniences that may be caused to the travelling public during the hours indicated.

According to the release, the arrangements are a precaution against the usual violence accompanying funeral processions at Buxton.

The police are also cautioning the organisers of the funeral against causing any unnecessary inconvenience to other road users.

Additionally, the police said, it is the duty of the organisers to ensure that the funeral is conducted in an orderly and peaceful manner so that other citizens do not suffer harm or other discomfort.

The release also cautioned persons against the use of explosive devices commonly called "firecrackers" or "squibs" during the funeral procession.

Stressing that it is an offence to purchase, store, sell or have any such explosive devices in one's possession, the police noted that in the past, ugly incidents have resulted from the use of those devices.