Senior GDF officer, rank disciplined following claims by homosexuals
Stabroek News
August 28, 2002

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Following an investigation by the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) into allegations levelled at ranks by some homosexuals, the army has disciplined the senior officer who was in charge of the ranks who confronted the group on Robb Street on August 10.

Among several allegations made when the group visited this newspaper was that one of them had been physically abused because he refused to perform oral sex at a reduced price when they encountered the army ranks who were then on patrol.

An army source yesterday told this newspaper that the army found that the officer deviated from the patrol route and should not have been in that area and as a result he has been disciplined.

When Stabroek News had contacted the army on the allegations against the ranks, a source had said that on the night in question the ranks were in the vicinity of Robb Street and Avenue of the Republic when they observed a homosexual dressed in a camouflage three-quarter pants.

The source had said that the ranks stopped and demanded that the man take off the pants. The source had conceded that it was the wrong way to approach the matter and said because of that there was a confrontation.

Also disciplined following the investigation was a junior rank stationed at the gate at Camp Ayanganna who did not handle the matter professionally when the group went to lodge a complaint.