Unmasked bandits raid Lusignan bar, rob customers
Stabroek News
August 27, 2002

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Bandits took their attack to a sports bar in Lusignan on Saturday evening, robbing it of an undisclosed sum and also stripping several customers of cash and jewellery.

Underground Sports Bar located on the Railway Embankment at Lusignan, East Coast Demerara, was under siege for almost ten minutes after the unmasked brigands marched into its premises. According to one of the waitresses at the bar, at about 9:30 pm three men pulled up outside the bar in a white car. The waitress said that as soon as the bandits stopped at the corner, their car doors were immediately opened and the men exited with their guns slung at their sides. She said all three of them then jumped over the fence around the bar and discharged more than three rounds in the air before terrorising and robbing the customers.

The young woman who was in the bar at the time said that one of the bandits went to her asking for money and jewellery. She said he held her throat and also placed a gun to her head. "Before I could have told him where the money was he went into the drawer and took out the entire day's sales."

The bandit then accosted another waitress who was serving a few customers at the time. The young woman told Stabroek News yesterday that she was asked to lie face down with serious death threats from one of the bandits. She also observed while lying that all of the customers were in the same position, as another gunman emptied their pockets and took off their jewellery.

Singh said that there were scores of customers in the bar at the time, and the bandits would have gained a sizeable sum. The proprietor of the bar, Asif Mohamed, was not home at the time. She related that as soon as the bandits were through with the robbery they jumped over the fence again and made their way from the area fleeing eastward on the embankment.

The police were called in and they responded some 25 minutes after and took statements from some of the customers and waitresses before promising a thorough investigation into the matter. Underground Sports Bar was opened on January 11 this year.