Trotman says he’s much wiser politician now
Stabroek News
August 25, 2002

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People National Congress REFORM member of parliament, Raphael Trotman is now a much wiser politician following the just-concluded biennial congress of his party.

Trotman after a last minute withdrawal from contesting the leadership of the PNC/R, remained in the race against the party’s chairman, Robert Corbin and also took on Vincent Alexander for the post of vice chairman, losing to both of them.

“I’ve learned quite a few lessons and gained tremendous experience ... one of them being, do not take anyone for granted...”

Trotman is the guest on the Demico House-sponsored half hour interview programme One-On-One, to be broadcast at 8 pm today.

The PNC/R member of parliament said in the run-up to the elections at the congress he received several bits of advice from different quarters, some of them apparently aimed at distracting him from what he had set out to achieve.

“Some urged me to withdraw, while others suggested that I remain in the contest for leader, chairman and vice chairman...” he disclosed.

Trotman said he is quite satisfied with the loyalty which he received from his supporters, while noting his failure to forge alliances. “I have no scores to settle...” In the interview, he spoke about his future and the future of the party under the leadership of Desmond Hoyte.