No PNC/R position on ‘adjusted governance’ yet - Hoyte
Stabroek News
August 23, 2002

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The just concluded PNC/R congress did not reach a decision on what form the call by its leader, Desmond Hoyte for “adjusted governance” should take, but the party is willing to give the issue serious consideration.

Hoyte told a press conference yesterday that this was the impression he got from the debate on the issue when the delegates discussed his presentation. He observed that the party members “are prepared for changes which they might deem to be useful to the society and the nation.”

Calling the issue of governance topical with discussions throughout the country and in the media, Hoyte said there was an awakened national interest in the issue.

He said that the party had compiled a file of the various constitutions, including those of the Scandinavian countries and Switzerland where there is an attempt to address the issue in an equitable way and in a manner which satisfies the people.

However, he said, at this stage, other than the philosophical underpinnings of its approach to the issue, the party was not in a position to say what model of governance it would support.

PNC/R executive Deryck Bernard, who was present at the press conference, said that because the discussions were incomplete at the congress it would be inappropriate to disclose what models had been discussed.

Party vice-chairman, Vincent Alexander, who was also at the press conference said that the party’s consideration of governance was being looked at not only at the parliamentary level but also at the executive and local government levels.