Guyana records increase in passes at CAPE
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August 20, 2002

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Guyana has recorded an increase of about 15% in passes at the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations (CAPE) this year compared to last year, a GINA release said.

The best individual results, GINA said, came from Carl Damon of Annandale Secondary; Anisa Bridjlall, Berbice High; Tiffany Solomon, Bishops’ High; Latoya Caleb, Mackenzie High; Ashanti Edmonds, President’s College; Amanda Allicock, Queen’s College; Tracy Joseph, St Joseph High; and Rajni Boodhoo, St Rose’s High.

This year, the release said, candidates obtaining grades one to five was pegged at 85.6% compared to 71.15% last year. A total of 309 candidates from nine secondary schools wrote a number of subjects from a total of 21 available subjects.

According to GINA, 37 candidates obtained grade ones; 83 candidates, grade two; 203, grade three; 231, grade four; and 179, grade five. CAPE has a seven-point grading system. Grade five is deemed acceptable for employment.

One hundred percent of candidates obtained grades one to five in Accounting, Food and Nutrition, Functional French, Computer Studies, Geography, Economics, History and Law.

More than 75% of candidates obtained grades one to five in 14 subjects including Biology, Chemistry, Communication Studies, Literatures in English, Mathematics and Sociology.

Thirty per cent of candidates obtained grades one to five in Mathematics and 50% recorded in four other subjects.

Subjects offered in two units included Accounts, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Studies, Geography, Economics, History, Law, Literatures in English and Mathematics.

Single unit subjects included Caribbean Studies, Communication Studies, Electricity, Electrical Technology, Environmental Science and Statistical Analysis.

CAPE was introduced as a substitute for the General Certificate of Education Advanced Level examinations. Before writing the CAPE examinations, students would have to first obtain good grades at the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examinations. Both CSEC and CAPE are offered by the CXC.