Belle brothers share honours at Bartica Summer Regatta By Michael DaSilva
Stabroek News
August 6, 2002

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The Belle brothers - Stephen, Clarence, Randy and Orin - made light work of their opposition when the Guyana Regatta Racers Club staged its Summer Regatta at Bartica on Sunday.

Stephen who piloted `Zen’s’, outfitted with a Yamaha 200 horse power (HP) engine, won two races and placed second in another. At the conclusion of the well-attended meet, he was adjudged Class ‘A’ champion driver.

Clarence who piloted `Heat Wave’, a 75HP boat, copped two first places, was second in three events and third in another, while Randy won one 200HP race aboard B52, and was second in another.

He also captured the open 40-200HP event. Orin won a 75HP event also.

Dave Scott was named the `B’ Class champion driver. He piloted a 115HP boat. Clarence Belle was second to him in one of the events and S. Rasul third.

All the Belle brothers are members of the Guyana Power Boat racing Association (GPBRA).

The paddle boat race was won by D. Peters while Ricardo Perreira placed second.

G. Gill won a 40HP race from I. Gill.

The day’s activity which was slated for a 9am start, did not get underway until after noon, and when it did, racers participated without helmets which according to a source, is against the law which states that competitors must wear protective head gear.

Stabroek Sport was informed that the officials of the Guyana Regatta Racers Club did not consult with the Harbour Master to find out what the tide would have been like on Sunday morning.

At 9.30 am on Sunday, the water was very low and the sand banks in the area where the regatta was being staged, were showing.

One source who heads another faction of regatta racing in Bartica told Stabroek Sport “the officials are all pretty new on the job of regatta racing, but if they had consulted with the Harbour Master, they would have known that the tide would have been low, and therefore they could have programmed the event for another day.”

The recently formed GPBRA offered their services to the organisers of Sunday’s activity, but no response was received.

The GPBRA was formed with the aim of improving the standard of water sports throughout Guyana.

Among its executives are Winston Miller, Stephen Belle and Pat Holder, among others.

The trio have a wealth of knowledge of water sports, especially boat racing and are willing to offer their services free of charge to anyone or organisation throughout Guyana.

Unlike the Easter Regatta, Sunday’s activity was more organised and there were no protests from any of the racers.

The Respective winners received cash and trophies, compliments of Guyana Regatta Racers Club.