Fuel prices up between 6.2% to 9.2%
Petrol dealers looking for c-tax ease
Stabroek News
August 1, 2002

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Higher acquisition costs have caused diesel and gasoline prices to rise between 6.2% and 9.2% per gallon and because of this petrol dealers are seeking a 10% reduction by the government of the consumption tax on fuel.

A release from the Guyana Petrol Dealers' Association yesterday stated that at a meeting on Monday with Minister of Tourism, Industry and Commerce, Manzoor Nadir, the request was made as a way of assisting to ease the burden on consumers and commuters in general.

Repeated efforts to contact Nadir on the request yesterday failed.

According to the GPDA release, other issues including that of recent increases in the frequency of armed robberies at stations and the short notice given to dealers by oil companies on price changes.

The question of the illegal entry of fuel into the country was also part of the meeting's agenda. The dealers, the release stated, were assured by Nadir of government's attention in addressing the problem.

According to the release, wholesale and retail prices for gasoline and diesel prior to July 29 were $341 and $250 and $371 and $280 respectively.

With the increases the new prices wholesale and retail for gasoline and diesel respectively are $364 and $273 and $394 and $303.

An official of Shell Antilles and Guianas Ltd, told this newspaper on Tuesday that the increase was as a result of hikes in the acquisition price for the product.

According to the official, the price of fuel has been rising steadily over the last couple of weeks. During the summer months there is an increase in gas consumption and prices generally rise. Checks by this newspaper of prices at the Shell gas station on Vlissengen Road on Tuesday saw gasoline being retailed at $86.60 per litre up from $80.51 (one gallon equals 4.5 litres). The cost of diesel also increased from $61.60 per litre to $66.60 per litre. The new prices were instituted on Monday.

The price for a litre of gas at the nearby Esso petrol station, which increased at around midday on Tuesday, went to $86.60 per litre from $79.65. The diesel price rose from $58.75 to $66.60 per litre.

A litre of gas at the Mandela Texaco petrol station was being sold for $86.79 up from $82.50, while diesel went up from $67.50 to $71.99 per litre.

However, the prices for gas ($80.50 per litre) and diesel ($60.50 per litre) at Guyoil's Regent Street station, have remained constant. At attendant at this station said that the prices had not been increased over the last three months or so.