Rifle shooters fall at Commonwealth championship By Michael DaSilva
Stabroek News
August 1, 2002

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Rifle shooters Ransford Goodluck and Mahendra Persaud became Guyana's latest casualties at the 2002 Commonwealth Games in Manchester, England on Tuesday.

According to reports from England, Persaud placed 30th and Goodluck 31st in the Open Singles Fullbore shooting competition at the Bisley Ranges, Surrey.

Shooting in stage one over the 300, 500 and 600-yard ranges, Persaud returned scores of 33 points with three V-Bulls 33.03, 35.04 and 35.04 respectively, while in stage two over the same three ranges, Persaud registered 47.04, 48.02 and 50.05 respectively.

Goodluck on the other hand shot 35.07 (300yd), 33.05 (500yd) and 33.02 (600yd) in stage one and 48.08 (300yd), 50.5 (500yd) and 48.05 (600yd) respectively.

The event was won by England's Glyn Barnet who scored 35.06, 35.05 and 35.06 in stage one and 50.09, 50.09 and 50.09 in stage two.

The silver medal went to Northern Ireland's David Calvert 35.06, 35.05 35.03 and 50.09, 50.10, 50.08, while the bronze was won by Australia's David Gardiner 34.05, 35.05, 35.04, and 50.09, 50.07, 50.08.

Trinidad's Norris Gomez was the English speaking Caribbean's best shooter. He placed 19th overall with scores of 35.04 (300yd), 34.03 (500yd) and 35.05 (600yd) in stage one and 48.05 (300yd), 50.06 (500yd) and 50.05 (600yd) in stage two. Bermuda's Nelson Simons placed 25th, Trinidad's Carl Awong 26th and Jamaica's David Rickman 27th.