Police detain two for questioning
Stabroek News
July 29, 2002

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Police have detained the brother of one of two men who it is believed escaped during the shootout on the University of Guyana Road on Thursday.

The police shot and killed wanted man, Kwame Pindleton and another man, Leroy Lowe during the confrontation. At least two others were believed to have been in the car with them at the time and they fled the scene.

Stabroek News understands that one of those believed to have escaped is a man the police had issued wanted bulletins for. His brother and another man were detained by the police late Thursday afternoon.

This newspaper has been unable to ascertain under what circumstances the two were held or whether charges would be instituted.

Last Thursday the police had set up two roadblocks: one on the Rupert Craig Highway and one on the Railway Embankment road in the vicinity of UG road. According to reports the men were travelling in Lowe's car, PEE 1951 on their way up the East Coast when they encountered the police roadblocks. The police said that the men opened fire and the police retaliated during which the two were killed and Lance Corporal 16862 De Santos was injured.

Intensive investigations are continuing.

Last Thursday's confrontation was one of only a few police successes since five armed and dangerous prisoners escaped from prison on February 23 triggering an unrelenting crime spree.