New computer centre seeks to address workplace needs
Stabroek News
July 27, 2002

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TrainiT, a computer training centre, officially launched its operations on Wednesday, offering a package that specifically addresses the needs of the workplace.

Managing director of TrainiT, Dr Wendy Hazel, said the centre was tailored for persons working in private, public and governmental enterprises who wish to bring their standards parallel with the global technological thrust.

“In the workplace today, the processing of information is essential and the support of this information system is the computer. What we have been exposed to in Guyana is a piecemeal approach to training which does not meet the needs of employers,” she said.

Hazel recognised that for any country to meet the challenge presented by globalisation it must put in place the necessary infrastructure and she said global pressures have dictated that information technological training be one of its main components.

“We need to understand that as a [developing] country we are playing catch up, as such there is no place for a partisan approach—we must tackle the genesis of the problem,” she stated.

Hazel said trained personnel were required in areas such as information systems, programming systems design, networking, and understanding the elements of business information systems, for the foundation of national development.

Hazel said TrainiT offers a comprehensive training programme where understanding, stimulating, analysing and sensitising are key components.

TrainiT was founded in March 2002 and offers subjects like Business English, Mathematics, and Office Ethics. The centre has certificate, diploma and associate degree programmes in Business Information Systems. The certificate programme lasts for six months and the diploma is a one-year course.

They cost $20,000 and $50,000 respectively.

TrainiT also offers courses in PC competence, PC pioneer, PC technician, CXC information technology, Microsoft office 2000 productivity and customised packages.