Goodluck bang on target By Michael DaSilva
Stabroek News
July 18, 2002

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Local marksman Ransford Goodluck recorded a score of 222 points with 21 V-Bulls (222.21) to win the LVA Communications 'O' Class shoot at the just concluded, Queen's Golden Jubilee Full-bore Rifle Shooting Meet, at Bisley, England.

According to reports coming out of England, Goodluck won a total of 23 bronze bars, the best by any West Indian rifle shooter at the meet, while Guyana's other representative, Mahendra Persaud won 16.

Speaking to Stabroek Sport from the Commonwealth Games Village in Surrey, England, team manager Paul Slowe said "it was the best showing by any Guyanese team over the years" , adding "Guyana did the best of the West Indian nations by miles".

In the Queen's Prize shoot, which is one of the two highest classes of competition at the meet, Goodluck placed 174th and was unlucky not to qualify for the third stage, after registering scores of 49 points with four V-Bulls (49.4) at the 300-yard range, 49.6 at the 500-yard range and a possible 50.6 at the 600-yard range for a total 148.16 in the second stage.

According to Slowe, Goodluck was unfortunate not to make it through, since only scores of 150's and 149's qualified.

Slowe said it was the first time that only such high scores qualified for the final. He further stated that seven shooters with scores of 149.17 had to shoot-off for the final four positions.

In the first stage, he tallied 103.13, made up of a possible 35.5 at the 300-yard range, another possible 35.5 at the 500-yard range and 33.2 at the 600-yard range.

According to Guyana National Rifle Association vice-president Neville Denny, about 1100 marksmen from all over the world participate in this competition (Bisley) every year.

Goodluck was also unfortunate not to qualify for the St. George's final, after tallying 148.16 for the first and second stages. He shot 75.9 at the 300-yard range in the first stage and 73.7 at the 600-yard range in the second stage. The cut off score was 148.20.

Slowe told Stabroek Sport that both Goodluck and Persaud are excited about their performances at Bisley and are looking to better it (performance) at the Commonwealth Games which gets underway on July 25 at the same venue (Bisley). Slowe said the two locals will be in action on July 27 in the Pairs Shoot.

According to Slowe, both Goodluck and Persaud shot excellently at Bisley and he (Slowe) is hoping they carry that form into the Commonwealth Games.

In results from Bisley, Goodluck's aggregates are as follows; RPA 150.16, New Zealand 269.27, Donaldson 178.22, Elkinton 142.12, 500-yard 182.18, Prince of Wales 74.7, Palma 192.17, Short Range 207.23, Century Range 691.69, Stickledown 237.20, LVA Communications 222.21, Monday 146.13 and All Comers 365.29.

Persaud's aggregates on the other hand are; New Zealand 270.26, 500-yard 182.15, Palma 188.19, Century 684.65, Stickledown Range 236.26 and All Comers 367.31.

Also featuring in the prize lists was Guyana's Richard Fields, who was not a part of the local two-man national team, but as an independent shooter, placed 48th in the Queen's veterans tournament, with a total 98.7. J. Payne of Sussex, England, who shot 105.12 won the competition.