PNC/R's statement on diplomatic missions' stance arrogant - PPP/C
Stabroek News
July 17, 2002

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The ruling PPP/C has dismissed the statement by the opposition PNC/R on the position of CARICOM Heads and Western missions here on the Guyana situation, as arrogant.

"The PPP wishes to commend the international community for the principled and uncompromising stance they have taken on the blatant acts of destabilisation taken by the PNC/R aimed at making the country ungovernable. It [the PNC/R] is seeking to justify its actions on the basis of perceived acts of discrimination against its supporters and 'corrupt practices' committed by the government, none of which can be substantiated," the PPP said in a press release issued last week.

The party also noted the call for a resumption of dialogue by the REFORM component of the PNC/R. The CARICOM heads condemned the July 3 storming of the Office of the President by protesters and said the results of the last elections should be accepted since they were free and fair. PNC/R leader, Desmond Hoyte, has dubbed the position of the heads as ill-advised, unbalanced and unhelpful.

The PPP recalled that during the period of PNC rule the party consistently spurned the opinion of the international community under the guise of internal interference by outside forces. "As in the past, it is once again talking about meddling into the internal affairs of Guyana by outside forces whenever its devious and diabolical actions are exposed," the PPP said.

The party said it was clear that the allegations by the PNC/R against the PPP/C administration were nothing but a smokescreen to hide a much more sinister objective.

The PPP said it was firm in its view that there was a nexus between the recent escalation in criminal activities in the society and the attacks on the police by the PNC/R. "The leadership of the PNC/R must listen to the voices of order and reason of some of its own leaders and the overwhelming majority of its supporters, the wider local society, and the international community that are rejecting lawlessness, violence and instability in our nation," the PPP stated.