Sharma takes self-discharge from hospital, recovering at home

Guyana Chronicle
December 23, 2002

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LEADER of Justice For All Party (JFAP) and owner of CNS Channel 6 television, Mr Chandra Narine Sharma is now recovering at his home from injuries suffered in an accident outside his Georgetown studios last Friday.

He took self-discharge from a city hospital and said he will be seeking further treatment abroad.

Sharma was hit by the Guyana Fire Service staff car, PGG 4585, at Robb Street and Wellington Streets and injured his chest, fractured his right leg and was cut on the head.

He also had abrasions on his face and other parts of the body.

Speaking to Guyana Chronicle by telephone from the comfort of his residence yesterday, Sharma said:"I am not feeling one hundred per cent."

He complained of pain in the head, neck and right leg and said, based on advice from his doctor, he would be going to Trinidad to undergo tests and get additional treatment.

Sharma explained that, when he was struck, the vehicle hurled him about 11 feet into the air before he fell and he needs to determine the extent of injury caused by hitting his head in the fall.

The controversial television operator expressed alarm that he was not visited by the Police since the mishap.

He said he received a telephone call from People’s National Congress/Reform Leader, Mr Desmond Hoyte, on Saturday and the Opposition Leader was to visit him yesterday.

A top official of CNS Channel 6, Ms Savitree Singh said arrangements for Sharma's trip to Trinidad will be completed after the holidays.

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