Sharma hospitalized after accident

Guyana Chronicle
December 21, 2002

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Owner of Channel 6 Television Station, Mr. Chandra Naraine Sharma is now a patient at a city hospital nursing multiple injuries, after being struck down by a motor vehicle outside his Television Station yesterday.

Reports say that around 9:00 hours Mr. Sharma who was on his way to his lawyer's office had just stepped out of his Robb and Wellington Street Office, and was crossing the road, heading towards his car when struck by a silver grey Nissan Primera PGG 4585.

The car, reportedly driven by a uniformed fire policeman, on impact sent Mr. Sharma hurling through the air, before landing on the windscreen.

He sustained a serious cut to his head; injury to his chest; a fractured right leg; abrasions to the face and other parts of his body.

A moderate sized crowd which had earlier assembled to stage a peaceful demonstration, protesting the temporary closure of the television station, closed in on the driver and handed him over to the police.

Mr. Sharma was placed in his vehicle and rushed to hospital. An update on his condition at press time showed that even though he was conscious, having suffered head injuries, his condition was considered serious.

The other Channel similarly affected was Channel 9 whose Television Broadcasting Licence was also suspended by the Advisory Committee on Broadcasting (ACB) for a period of 48 hours, with effect from midnight on Thursday to midnight tonight.

The order to suspend was signed by Prime Minister, Samuel Hinds, acting on behalf of the Committee.

However, NBTV Channel 9 which had hastily moved to the Courts, was at 14:00 yesterday, granted permission by the High Court Judge to resume transmitting, and acted accordingly.

The decision to suspend the licences for 48 hours was taken by the ACB. See letter from ACB.

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