Some Target Special Squad members for planned Crime Crack Force

Guyana Chronicle
December 15, 2002

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A Government official yesterday told the Chronicle that the Target Special Squad will be replaced only after the planned anti-crime Emergency Response Unit is properly trained and staffed with British help.

Further, he said, some members of the Target Special Squad will be incorporated into the new soon-to-be established special Crime Crack Force which will be fully trained, equipped and led by professional officers with clear operational guidelines.

The government official was asked to clarify a report on this issue, which appeared in another section of the media.

It will be recalled that earlier this year, President Bharrat Jagdeo had announced that with active help from the British Government, a new anti-crime crack force will be set up. This was part of the list of additional anti-crime initiatives which was announced in response to the crime wave that resulted from the Mash day jailbreak.

A release by the Social Partners on the stalled Crime Communique reported that agreement was reached on the replacement of the Target Special Squad.

The Target Special Squad will be replaced only after the new anti-crime Crack Force goes into operation, the government official emphasised.

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