PSC training agency graduates 23 more, launches website

Guyana Chronicle
December 12, 2002

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GUYANA Training Agency (GTA) has launched a new website at its second graduation ceremony in Georgetown Club last Tuesday.

Twenty-three persons from 20 companies graduated from the European Union (EU) funded programme, conducted in collaboration with the Private Sector Commission (PSC) and the Government.

Speaking on the occasion, Chairman of the PSC Board of Directors, Dr Peter DeGroot said the scheme was in the making since during the 1995/1997 period when, although the economy was doing well, human resources were inadequate.

However, since the initiative was taken, businesses have derived benefit and, while the current crime rate is very high and there is very little or no foreign investment in the country at this point, training remains a major priority.

DeGroot commended the employers who afforded their employees the opportunity to better themselves by participating in the course.

He thanked Guyana National Industrial Corporation (GNIC) for allowing the use of its facilities for the practical aspects of the process.

President of Guyana Manufacturers Association (GMA), Mr Ramesh Dookhoo encouraged more businesses to see training as an investment rather than a burden.

He said GTA started to train because it recognised the need of workers and he urged the beneficiaries to apply their newly acquired skills in their respective work areas.

Mr Kurt Garner and Ms Marva Bancroft, both of whom gained knowledge from the stint, as well, offered thanks to the assessors and tutors for their dedication and hard work.

Some courses being offered by GTA are in electrical technology, business skills and refrigeration and the institution can now be accessed at [ please note: link provided by LOSP web site ] or at the email address

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